PerfectPower App Privacy Policy


- Application developer: David METTEY

- Person to contact on privacy issues: David METTEY, by email via the application (SETUP page, Contact button)

- The one and only sensitive and personal user data accessed by the PerfectPower application is the GPS position, and it uses this data ONLY to perform the functions for which it was developed: the measurement of the standardized engine power, the accelerations standing and flying start, the braking, and the maximum speed of your car, the calculation of the gearbox ratios of this one by rev calibration, the measurement of the losses of this one in free-wheeling, the simulation of the performances of this one (indirectly after a power measurement), and finally the measurement of your lap times on track.

Moreover, it does not collect or share with anyone or anything the various GPS positions taken when it is active, and it instantly stops taking them when it is in the background.

And finally, it NEVER saves them in the permanent memory of the phone.

- These GPS positions however are not encrypted in the application, but this is not a privacy issue since as said above these data are used only for calculation purposes AND only when the application is active, and they are NEVER stored in the permanent memory of the phone.

- These GPS positions therefore transit ONLY in the RAM of the phone and ONLY while the application is active, they are NEVER in the permanent memory of the phone, and they are instantly deleted from this RAM as soon as the application is in the background or of course closed.

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